Jessica Kubisch

jessica-kubisch-300pxUCLA Pediatric Nurse Jessica Kubisch traveled to Haiti for two weeks as a volunteer staffer on a U.S. Navy hospital ship. She is part of the first UCLA Operation Haiti team.

Processing the experience

The Operation Haiti team in front of a "Blue Angels" plane in Haiti: Kathleen Weinstein, Shannon McCarville, Bita Zadeh, Holly Phelan, Bethany Fontenot, Priscilla "Patti" Taylor, Jessica Kubisch As you know, UCLA Team Haiti has returned!!! We...

Tales from Haiti: Johnny D.

When Johnny D. arrived at the hospital, he fled from human touch. By his last day at the hospital, when he was discharged to a Haitian orphanage, he had been transformed. Above: UCLA Nurse Jessica Kubisch holds Johnny D., who offers a fistbump t...