'Street piano' turns passersby into pianists

  • 123-crowd
    Thirty pianos have been placed outdoors in Los Angeles County for anyone to play on, including this one outside UCLA's Royce Hall, where students have begun gathering for impromptu concerts. Scroll down for additional details and to control the slideshow. Photos by Alison Hewitt.
  • 119-dawson-jope
    Dawson Jope, a fifth-year geography major, indulged the crowd with the "Peanuts" theme.
  • 111-applause
    Strangers gathered to hear the piano music echo around Royce Quad and applauded each performance.
  • 138-angel-zhang
    Sophomore Angel Zhang, a mathematics/applied science and economics double major, indulges her passion in the piano. She heard another student playing while she walked through the quad, and joined the audience before getting up the nerve to play. "It's a really nice atmosphere," she said.
In a performance-art project that turns passersby into the performers, 30 pianos have been placed outdoors in Los Angeles County, available for anyone to play on. At UCLA, an upright piano sits outside the main entrance of Royce Hall, where students have already gathered to enjoy impromptu concerts. The piano will remain until the end of April for the "Play Me, I'm Yours" project, which brings "street pianos" to cities around the world. The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra brought the project to Los Angeles, and UCLA Performing Arts hosts the UCLA piano.